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04 October 2009

update the crap

Dear bloggy,hehe.It’s been a while since my last emotional, melancholy entry. A week to be precise. Nothing much happens. Usual weekdays,buried with all the paper works ,never ending assignments and reports. Tapelah , the brain might get rusty if it didn’t polished. Pheww! Lagi 3 minggu menuju ke final. And frankly speaking, saya tak buat apa-apa preparation lagi. Now I’m in the middle of completing all the so-called assignments and reports and Yayy me! The works is on their last stage to DONE =) Praise to the Almighty. The 2nd test of my Engineering Survey will be on next Thursday.My faculty dinner will be held on 13th Oct and the next day I’ll be having my double storey test which is the Agama and the killer Engineering Maths

Ouh that’s the update on academic part. Lame huh? Yess I know.But that’s it. The price you should pay on being a varsity student ;)

The life? Crazy as usual. I still got time to be with the loved-ones in the narrow slit within the hectic life. Gile! Takkan nak study straight je. Newton pun rehat bawah pokok epal ;)

Mr Defender once grumbled,
”I keep on being your silent reader. Hoping. But my name never appears. “

Let me remind you, again. There’re only two main things here. YOU and ME.

It’s like a musk scent. Soft. But sharp. Deep and memorable.

P/s : happy Burfday Dear Nurul Maziahani ;)


Mr K said...

Ai and yu. Oh so sweet dearr

Anonymous said...

rasanya lepas siap esemen tu da dekat final dah... memang selalu mcm tu... menyampah ai