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05 April 2010

Dean gonna be mad,, Real mad.

My man lovesss Arwah Din Beramboi till my lil sis nicky-named him as 'Dean Berambot'.

Boy, you only 14 years old. It's not nice to talk bad about others especially when it comes to people who no longer here. And you use a very foul language boy. Its not good. How about recite him Al- Fatihah and pray he rest peacefully underneath there. Even if you hate his jokes, why don't you just shut up and at least respect every people who mourn for the lost.

This boy needs parental punishment. I mean, pronto! Or I'll rotan him by myself.


sophie said...

i want to kick his bontot!bengong!

didiey ;) said...

teruk budak2 skrg ni

kimisai said...

bak cini budk tu bg cikgu rotan..1!

didiey ;) said...

tanak! biar ah dd rotan.hhehe..Pinjam rotan!

Anonymous said...

sape boy tu?

didiey ;) said...

click la kat link tu sayang

Anonymous said...

bawak i pegi jumpe budak ni..

didiey ;) said...

i tatawu dea duduk mane. And please jgn kill him. dosa ;p

syue said...

rafiqin ye? :DD memang budak bengong. pergi tibai diaaa, biar die sedar sikit! hee