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24 March 2010


5 a.m . Attacked by gastritis. Ahah! Memang terbaekk rasa dea. Grab my phone and called Dean. With hope. Tak angkat. Retried. Again and again and again. Finally, he made it. Teman sampai subuh.

I got up for Subuh. Cramping my stomach. Sakit. Bancuh Milo, vomit. Text Lyna, terus dea called ambulance. Uitm's UK (unit kesihatan) closed today. The driver head me up to Hospital Kangar. Kene inject!!! Kat 'situ'!! 3 kali tahu tak!

Bontot senget je. Then rested me at the Wad Pemerhatian due my Low blood pressure. Rest sampai the pressure went back to normal.

Phewww! Dahlah malam ni Law Test .
Mu vs. Liv lagi.

Test was..malas nak bagitahu tahap jahanam dea.

Main point,
Man Utd won against Liverpool


sophie said...

pdan muka kene inject!!hahah

didiey ;) said...

saket lah yunk wuwuwuwu ;'((

Anonymous said...

i inject saket ta?

didiey ;) said...