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Hair theraphy ;)

09 March 2010

Garden Contemporary ke laut!!Yang penting perut penuh :)

Geomass Dinner nite. Unlike last sem where my batch was put in-charge to handle this semester-ly activity. So, there's no frantic make-up yahh! Everything is smooth and steady as for me ;)

This semester's theme was ; Garden Contemporary.

Sumpah kelam kabut theme tuka tuka sampai susah org na carik baju. Last -last, Didiey pegi dinner pakai kebaya macam pegi rumah orang kenduri kawen. Haha :D Hambek kaww! Yang penting dapat makan, gelakkan performance orang and gile bergambar. BERSAMA YANG TERSAYANG(s) ;)

Senow band's performance was like AWESOMMMEE!! Bereh bohh!

Congratz to all the Dean List's holder. Dapat jugak kena kan Lyna ngan the so-called 'ABANG' tu.

Pffffttt! I got diarrhea. Siod betol! Da bajet dah. Perut hyper-sensitive ni tak tahan ayam yang bau macam tu!

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