The Heart ♥ wishing for,

A nice picnic (just us,escapism)
Another FCUK jeans
Old skool spec,re-do.
Shoes(currently in love with NIKE ballerina)
Forever21 collection(A feminine sense need to be inculcate)
Smartphone (wink*)
Vaio-s Reddy laptop
Digital camera (Ixus, will be nicee)
Simple Mp3.
Hair theraphy ;)

29 January 2010

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I don't really care bout what the others want to say bout me. They can chose their favorite rumors, believe those, spread it to others and they are the one gonna end up commit that sins. Say whatever you wanna say, I'm gonna be just fine. As long it didn't involves my beloved family, and friends. All that matters is what I think of myself. I know I'm not a bad person. I've just tripped by awful mistakes and did several wrong decisions in my life. Well, what else you expected from a 19 years old and 1 month little girl would do?
I'm just living my life in my own way. And I met different people along that way. *sometimes I dragged my favorite people along my way. Having problem stuck with me honey?

Turning back?
Err.. I guess not. It's a challenging journey after all. And I love challenges.
Unless you live my way,or I've picked you to stay as I'm walking this life trail, you are strictly prohibited to judge.

Stay out. Be a good witnesses. Not a judge.

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