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A nice picnic (just us,escapism)
Another FCUK jeans
Old skool spec,re-do.
Shoes(currently in love with NIKE ballerina)
Forever21 collection(A feminine sense need to be inculcate)
Smartphone (wink*)
Vaio-s Reddy laptop
Digital camera (Ixus, will be nicee)
Simple Mp3.
Hair theraphy ;)

02 December 2009

You are coherent with my joyous laugh :D

me : Dear, kaki I saket.
Him : La..really,blah mane?
me : Kat ankle tu. Sort of keting but blah belakang. Ala..area buku lali tu. I tatawu specific name dea.
(Saya terang panjang lebar sebab saya tak tahu nama dea)
Him: Ouh,the backside tu eh?
Me: Ha! Yelah.saket..Ape name dea ek?
Him : Ouh,tu namenye ANDRA & THE BACKBONE.
Me : Apakah????


Me : My hair getting longer giler lah.Rimas.Rase cam na potong.
Him : My hair pon same. Tapi lagi stylo huhu.
Me: Perasan!
Him: Serius,macam Farid Hamil.

Saya tak tahu why I'm getting the sound trouble.Haha.
Thanx for making me up again as I was down with all the madness. Those guys really driven me mad by now.

I do heart you dearest muchuk. mwa!


Mr K said...

Oh. Its okay hun..

I heart you too, my dearest dd.


didiey ;) said...

yelah ;p