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Hair theraphy ;)

09 December 2009

Superman Returns?

Me,my mum, Lil bro and Echah were lying down in front of the TV. Watching Si cantik & Si Buruk Rupa. Then Lil Bro switch to RTM2 channel and suddenly there was a advertisement bout Superman Returns on the upcoming 12 DEC.

Mum : Haha.Coincidence or what?His birthday kan Along! Will the Superman really returns on 12 DEC?

Me : Who cares with the Kryptonite-freak after all. Since I have My Personal Joker and Riddler. Sweet,bad package all in one.
*rolling eyes*

Lil Bro : Wait a sec. Riddler and Joker tu bad guy dalam Batman lah bukan Superman!

Me : Lex Luthor tak handsome and ewwww..He's bald. I love hair with Gatsby .
*reminds me to something*

Mum : As long as you happy.

Lil Bro :???

I don't care if the Superman returns.
Even Lois Lane married other man while Superman was away.
The Superman isn't super as we always thought.
*chuckled and continuing texting with crazy Dean*

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