The Heart ♥ wishing for,

A nice picnic (just us,escapism)
Another FCUK jeans
Old skool spec,re-do.
Shoes(currently in love with NIKE ballerina)
Forever21 collection(A feminine sense need to be inculcate)
Smartphone (wink*)
Vaio-s Reddy laptop
Digital camera (Ixus, will be nicee)
Simple Mp3.
Hair theraphy ;)

25 October 2009


The moment she threw all that fucking faking words,she'd killed herself.

She is no more than a living corpse ; breath but the heart didn't beat.It's humming.The lullaby of her Guardian's song.

Hush.She needs a sleep.A long,tight sleep.

All she wants is ; never get up,ever again.

She's vulnerable right now.Her strong armor,her Guardian have been take off.Kill her.She's not worth living.

Slowly, the angel's fall.Deeply wounded.With the rhythm of her Guardian's lullaby,she sleep.Sleep in agony.Unforgiveable agony.

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Fatt Chin Choy said...

mcm dalam kesedihan je ni