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24 September 2009

and slowly..she's dying.

Darn!It's eating me alive!
And seriously I hate it!

Sebab tu lah saya tak suke dengan perkara yang namenye 'PERCINTAAN'.
Saya tak taw nak control macam mana.I've read something about his late history.
Maybe i shouldn't know,shit! My over-curiosity! and now, I have to admit it.Yes! I'm jealous.
Even with his history!

Gosh!Long distance relationship.
Does it worth?Am i strong enough to face all these?

He's charming.No wonder he's got all girl's eyes on him.

Harini memang hati panas.Dengan celcom pun buat perangai!
memang tade mood!

yep.'his history' itu chantek.


sophie said...

hey gurl..history kan.. u cntekk kay!!

azzaliena suziantie feisal said...

didiey..itu past diie..
let it go k :)
i knew memang we have to

MGA said...

im sorry :(

Mr K said...


Ai kan ada....

Apa susah.


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

semalam mmg aku ngamuk betul dgn celcom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **** you celcommmmmmmmmmmmm


hurm. aku susah nak kapel2 ni sebab bende ni la. aku pon susah nak kontrol. emo lebeh beb...

miss faten said...

didiey,, itu hanya history.
but then its true kita akan rasa jealous even tho dengan sejarah silam... huu~~

didiey ;) said...

thanx all.haish.Luckily the thing going back to norm :)