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A nice picnic (just us,escapism)
Another FCUK jeans
Old skool spec,re-do.
Shoes(currently in love with NIKE ballerina)
Forever21 collection(A feminine sense need to be inculcate)
Smartphone (wink*)
Vaio-s Reddy laptop
Digital camera (Ixus, will be nicee)
Simple Mp3.
Hair theraphy ;)

05 July 2009

Campus life.Roll out :)

Going back to the deserted beautiful,sweet escape land,Arau.

target of new semester.

1) NO more playing-around.

seems like I played too much last semester and SPOTTED *tiru ayat Gossip Girl :D
it is the punca where i got the terrible results.Yayy me!
*didiey sengal :P

2) NO more frequent internet.Use it when needed ONLY! :S

Okay.This is the hardest-toughest-almost impossible thing to be done. O_o
Hello almost 2 months i live with this Tiny-winy Mr Bben (my nickyname for the broadben :))
almost 22 hours switched on each-day and you want to cut the usage??
oh my.Tanak!!

Ok.Ok.For the sake of my studies.Fine!
*sobS :(

3) Spend WISELY!

I'll give my best shot regarding to this.I'll cut my expenses on top-uping thingy and I think I will succesfully done this at least for this nearest time because I have NO boyfriend.Yaay me!

No boyfriend = NO EXCESSIVE wasting credits :)

and Ibu claimed that I spent too much on junk food.Aiyoh! Betolla apa Ibu cakap.Last sem,saya manyak beli jajan *snacks*. Asyik nak mengunyah saja :P And I'd been addicted to Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk.

*ouh.heaven :9 sodapp...Better get rid of this craving thing.
Chop!Am I using the word CRAVING just now?APAKAH?
wey..didiey craving apakebende kalau satu hari minima 3 kotak kau beli.Adess (-_-")
Tokey balak pon boleh bankrap dapat anak comel gile susu cekelat macam kau :P

4) Never give the Evil monster called-"Bad-Mood"- ruin your days,weeks,months,etc...EVER!

This is tough.Trust me.All my friend are well-known me as 'The awful-terrible creature ever lived in this earthface' if i'm not in my mood.

Even Munie and Zana also will try to shut their mouth and pura-pura didiey tade kat sebelah dorang and teruskan berjalan walau tertanya-tanya bila muke masam cuka basi si Didiey ni akan berubah jadi senyuman comel ??

NOTE: i might turn into Hulk if they push the wrong button. So, this sem, i'll try to avoid if the people seems to nak main-main dengan button itu.

And I noticed that I also cepat nak mengamok if I lack of sleep and food.Haish!Macam baby!
Kalau ta cukup tidur and rase lapar,mesti cepat marah.


psst: i don't have any PMS yg teruk taw.Mood swing pon tade. :)

5) STudy ROCkingly! Yeah!

ouh study smart.Lame! But that's it.That's the words. No further comments of this.But, I must study harder,smarter, and better ;) Chaitokk!!

I got 21 credit hour for this sem.Giler berat.With all the head-cracking 8 critical subjects that have to be faced.Didiey,you can do it.Please do it :)

6) NO heart feeling-feeling.Emo-emoing thing.

No more 'How could you do this to me?'.No more betrayal.No more.No more.
It kills.Trust me.

7) Closer to my friends.

Tie the tighter,sweeter bond with the bestie and the bestguy.I love them so much :)

well dearest friend readers,thanx for reading and all the feedback.I love you :)
Do doa me all the best.

i'm gonna mish all the memories by this sem break.
Love you my cayunk copie si laura, my kekande roxxa,my baby afro naem,my hearty pinky rider aqmal,my busyuk shepet chongchong,my gorgeous polka sis suhana.Thanx for all the moments.

You too my T-rexxy

sayang fara, this sem break kite tade chance na jumpe.huu..:(
sedih :(


azzaliena suziantie said...

luck2 didiey
u can do it

fara said...

i gonna mish a lot..
no.. no...
countless sayang...
rindu u.. rindu u..

didiey ;) said...

azza sayang : thanx dear :)

fara : i windu you jugak :(

Richeal Phil @ Ritz ^-^ said...

huh?? spend wisely susah sikit nak control kat univ an kan kan kan haha

didiey ;) said...

tawu tape :)

sophie said...

dear!gewdlux with all this thing.. mishing u a lot kay!!