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18 May 2009

trapped between the word LOVE and FRIENDS

Have u been I my situation?

Get caught by the love and friendship

Trapped by that most powerful words .

(well. at least, the most important thing for me are love and friendship. And i dunno how bout’ you)



My situation :

I have known this ‘someone’ nearly a year.

(he’s my classmate.. one of my closest guy)

Da very-very-very close guy.

He’s actually my first attention-grabber fyi.

Before he became my closest friend. further details ok.

Some of you might know who is this guy.

(munie..aku taw kaw mesti taw)

We are SOOOO close

Till it became quite a gossip among my rawkin’ classmates.

(dudes,babes.u all do rawks ok??)

But.thats just it.

He just one from thousands of guys who DO grab my attention.

And now he’s my best boyfriend.

(and some of the girls are envy of me becoz he’s my ‘boyfriend’..)

And hell..

Before the final exams begin, we had a fight

(we do always fight and fight and fight.(normal for bestfriends kan?)

I just think may be it just the normal one.

The things usually we had.

And it will end up and gone by the blew of wind.

But nope.

My bet is SOO wrong.

It became worse.

Ohh curse!

Whenever I tried to talk to him


Ok..i admit I’m not the kind of girly-girl.who always win with their sweet,tender and soft word.

Ok.i’m not PERSUASIVE type who always manipulate people with their tongue.

But can’t deny.



Back to the story,

every conversation I tried to build with him will successfully FAILED.

*well done.huh!*

Mesti na end up dengan bergadoh.

Ta kire ke.text ke.

Ok people,

My faults too..EGOistic dak didiey nie terlalu lah tingginye.

Then..till the last day(last paper)

Before the exam began,

Barula,he comes and smiled to me.

So saye buat paper BEL 260 dengan bigggg smile ..

(even kat library tu sejuk gilakk..da macam freezer)

I’ve got back my bestfriend kan?sukee la..

Saye sempat pinched his stomach soo kuat..

Then after da kat Ipoh..

Me senyap jela..

Cz ‘dea’ pon ta text or call..

(fyi,me tade duet la na topup ;)

Suddenly this morning,

He text me..

‘mcm nie la kaw buat kat aku.haram tade tanye kabar aku kan.agaknye kalo aku mati kaw ta heran kan diey’


Me yang tade credit.wat ADVANCE je pon teros reply mcg dea dengan aty yang sebak.

Pedeh sangat ati nie..

‘ape ak da wat kat kaw?apesal tbe2 na marah ak?’

Then dea weply,

dah la..

Pegila kat BOYFRIEND kaw yang kaw sayang sangat tu.kaw sayang gile kan kat dea.sampai aku pon ko lupe.ak sayang kaw tau diey.sayang gile.lebih dari sorang kawan.time kaw gaduh ngan pakwe kaw,aku sabar je dengar,ati nie ko tataw pon macam mne diey.nie last aku mcg kaw.aku terase sangat dengan kaw.betolla dorang cakap.


Aku cube nafikan aku pon dah ta larat na berlakon..may be ini pengakhiran paling baik.

Jauhkan diri dari kaw.jage diri kaw baik2.panjang umur,kite jumpe lagi.salam.

Huwaaaa..nape ini yang jd..

Saye cume na jadi sorang sahabat.


can't a boy be a bestfriend to a girl.

this is soo unfair.

i hate this!



sophie said...

wa.. nape dye wat u cmtew??
i think can..
tg0k i ngan giant..
dye beshfwen i..
n my kakanda too..
ok jee till naw..
ley kan gurl n boy jd beshfwen.

Khairul said...

"seorang lelaki memang tak akan jadi seorang best friends kepada seorang perempuan."


tak akan.

At least, mesti. MESTI ada sedikit perasaan sayang dan cinta. Cinta yang mekar berdasarkan kerapatan hubungan korang.

Kau dah ada boyf?

didiey ;) said...

sophie :i wish giant cam 'dea' tu ;'(

didiey ;) said...

khairul cik bubu ;)

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

i cud possibly think of two reasons.. one, he's testing u..whether u can feel the 'lost' of him..absence always make heart grew fonder kn..

2nd, he really mean it to make sure u're happy always..true love is when u always want the best for ur loved ones, whether it includes u or what he did kn?

hrmm try explaining to him..u want him as ur besfren..takkn for the sake of all this u lose a great fren..lgipn..ap yg ad pda declaration tu..i mean like..diey pn msti jauuuhhh di sudut hati tu ad pasaan pd si dia kn..yes, a girl is persuasive n easily persuaded..~~ its a proven fact..mungkin one day u really want him to be more ke..who knows kn..watle table talk ke..bincang leklok..klu stakat kot sms ni, so unprofessional laa..

ermm juz giving my 2 cents here..~~ all the best..wink3~!

didiey ;) said...

cik sara :best advise.thanx.didiey will work on that ;)

Khairul said...

@Didiey- Aku ni jahat. So aku ada rancangan jahat. Kau pernah dengar perkataan 'ber-skandal' tak?

azzaliena suziantie said...

errgghh...kenape dier camtuh xsalah pon kawan
bukan makneyer gurl kena kawan ngn gurl je..
mai didiey
be strong babe :)

Khairul said...

So berskandal lah anda =)

didiey ;) said...

azza : tatw la..
biar la dia.

didiey ;) said...

khairul : i ta ske ber-skandal.
i love commitment given =)

Nadia said...

didiey, do u feel the same?

didiey ;) said...

i treat him as a friend.
and want him to be friend

Azzam?? said...

owwhh... laki ngan pompuan bleh jee jadi bestfriends.. make sure laki tu bukan bestfriend ngan sorang pompuan je la.. baru laa tak kawan kemudian mengawan.. alasan mula sayang dan cinta tu sebenarnya dari kegagalan mengawal sexual desire je.. =p

Elisa Aiza said...

sedih la lisa bace.

ive been thru this, more or less.
my first ever guy bestfriend.
and when he "propose" mnx cple, i rejected, sbb dia bestfrn.

n our frnship when down the hills.
da tak rpat.

be strong didiey.

didiey ;) said...

lisa: dd tanak jd cmtu.
i do appreciate him as friend
greatest friend ;(