The Heart ♥ wishing for,

A nice picnic (just us,escapism)
Another FCUK jeans
Old skool spec,re-do.
Shoes(currently in love with NIKE ballerina)
Forever21 collection(A feminine sense need to be inculcate)
Smartphone (wink*)
Vaio-s Reddy laptop
Digital camera (Ixus, will be nicee)
Simple Mp3.
Hair theraphy ;)

26 May 2009


saye tanak jadi gile sebab depressed sangat so saye pon jalan-jalan pegi blog orang.
suddenly time saye tenga jalan-jalan kat blog kawan saye si shiera tu,
tibe-tibe saye ternampak tag nie.
alamak!rupenye saye ade kantoi 1 utang tag dengan dea.
aiyoh dear.manyak sorry ye?

so,even lambbat gileeeeerw.
saye buat jugee..
sorry sayang. we go ;)

Okay, here’s the rule:
Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.After that tag 7 people.

-the age of next birthday -

will be 9teen baby on 16 DECEMBER ;D

-place i'd like to travel -

wipe away all this pain please ;))

-a favourite food -

sizzling mee..
bestest memories with bestest friends.
juge boyfriend ;(

- a favourite place -

boley nyanyi2.
boley juget2
ade mirror
buleh nanes.
no one will now.

– nickname i had -

hehe..kuar pic sendirik weyh.
ta caye cube type 'DIDIEY'
hehhehe :D

– a favourite color -

black and red;)

– college major –

geomatic engineering baby,

– name of my love –

strong didiey strong..jgn nanes ..
trying soo hard not to type his name.

– a hobby –

reading ;)

– a bad habit –

straw biting.
my mum selalu lah marah.
na wat cmne.habit.

– my wish list -

my smile.
gimme back my smile.
i'm losing it eventually.


all my dearest.
no forcing.
do it if you love me .;)

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sophie said...

dear buchuk,nak g italy i nk et0t taw!