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25 May 2009


everything change.

saye: suda single.
no more 'cik bubu'.'si dea'.
or what-so-ever
i've done pretending.
kesian kat dea.
sampai bile he'll be my scapegoat.
trying to be happy.
lied myself.lied to everyone.
but it's obvious,clearly seen.
that those were unforgiven lies.
unforgiven act.
to him : i'm sorry.

i'm sorry for everything,

i know him so well.
he loves me too much.
it's all i can say.

for now,friends and family are my everything,
i don't think i need love.
at least for now.
the word 'LOVE' itu ta beri ape-ape makne buat saye sekarang.

but i'm ok.
i'm just worrying bout 'him'
how is he?
does he's ok?

i know,i've successfully broke that beautiful,too-kind heart into pieces.
oh gosh,i hope he's ok.


Pika Edogawa said...

hey, i hope u are okay :)

TheOtherKhairul said...

"oh gosh,i hope he's ok."

I hope YOU will be ok. Are you ok?

and why no more love?

Elisa Aiza said...

but but but, are you okay?

didiey ;) said...

pika edogawa : i'm okay.pretending to be okay ;)

didiey ;) said...

khairul :
coz for me 'LOVE' hurts me so bad.

hope the wound will erased.

didiey ;) said...

elisa dear :i'm trying to be okay.

azzaliena suziantie said...

are u ok???
i hope u n jamal okay :(

didiey ;) said...

azza dear : i'm trying soo hard ryte now.

i dunno bout him

sir zul said...

to dd, Love hurts u so bad eh...biasa la 2
when dis kind of situation had cme,
i bet u wish u was in unlove,
so tears would be nonexistant
and so da pain will joy..
but u can't,
sbb love from Allah always be by ur side
n dat da ubat 2 heal da pain
n then there will come a new great love 4 u..
dun wory k dd..chill out!
hope dd would be okay ya! =)
(dah mcm pkr kaunseling da ni)..hak3

didiey ;) said...

sir zul : thank you so much =)

sophie said...

tape dear...

i owez beside u..

ur cyunk copi HEART dear dd..


SIR ZUL said...

ur welcome dd..
lpa lak,
dat kind of words dipetik dari