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13 March 2009


i'm not in a good mood today..
maybe coz semalam ttow lmbat..
gotta study on calculus..
tomorrow will b da exam day..
otak letey..badan letey..
shume shaket..
tyme2 nie..if u r in my shoe..
msti nk ngadu pade yg tersayang kan??
he's not by my side..
kami da jao..
yep..he's studying away..
kitowang punye instinct pon maken lame makin ilang..
to all da lover couple out there..
kowang msti ade instinct to your lurved one ryte?
ade wase ta sedap ati..then mesti sumtink da jd kat si dea..
skarang ni..
only me who felt dat way..
ta macam dulu2 tyme kitowang eppy..
kitowang loving..
even i wase sedey sket..
tup2 mesty "hubby" calling..
even kitorang jao..
mesti dea ade feel..
"sayang..r u ok??b ade rase ta sedap ati..ade problem kea?"
i mish dat words..
fuckin' mish it...
we used to be da loving couple..
sgt menyayangi..
sgt menchentai..
sampai satu thp..
i rase,,ta kesa ngn sume owang..ta kesah tade kawan..
bcoz i noe..he'll always be by my side..
i cume perlu dea je dlm idup ie...
even dea jao dari i..
kitorang ta pernah berenggang..
i'll do everytink 4 him..
even die 4 him..
even kawan2 dea ckp dea mcm2..i accept dea for who he is..
i ta pernah demand dea mcm2..
he is da biggest affection in ma lyfe after ma parents..
i laugh da way he laugh..
i talk da way he talk..
i kutok owang da way he kutok orang.. =)
i love him fuckin' damnly so much!
but may be ni yg i dapat..
terlalu mnchentai..
i can't breath without u..
thanx kawan2..kowang yg bleh wat dd gelak..
(anda tershangat hebat!uyeh!!)
i kene trima hakikat..
he doesn't love me as much as he was
mane taw dlm ati dea ade owang len..
who knows...
even b jao..beby still have da instinct..
whenever u get mad or upset..
i'll be by ur side..
like i used to be..
nothing change..
live your life sayang..
i'll be here..
keep on waiting..
keep holding on your promises..
kite da janji kan...
thanx 4 everytink...
whenever u

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