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01 May 2010

Sick of criticism,

I just don't get it. When I'm writing in English by whatever medium I got. (blogspot,tumblr,twitter,FaceBook status), they'll say ;
Poyo gilalah nak speaking konon. English berterabur, grammar tunggang langgang,
vocabulary tak rich langsung, rentikan lah, nak termuntah baca writing kaw, budak darjah 4 pun boleh write better than you. Tak bahasa jiwa bangsa lah kau ni!
Don't make fun of yourself.

Walaupun kejam di situ, tak melemahkan semangat. Like hello, I'm trying my best okay!

And whenever I'm using Bahasa Melayu, bahasa kebangsaan,
"Eh, you write in Malay, why? I thought you the one who have class one..Tak bicchyy lah you ni. Come on babes!.,You're much better than typical Malay user"

I'm writing for fun okay. I'm not a professional writer. As you can see, as you can observe, I commit grammar sins everywhere, and I have tunggang langgang vocab. If you can be my language advisor, do advise me. Point out my mistakes, I'll have that corrected and you'll not be annoyed by my language fouls here and there. Got me?

Okay, lets start. It's a win win situation after all. My English is not as good as you.
You'll not be annoyed by my writes and I'll improve my English. How's that deal?Okay?

And what the hell with typical Malay user then, they didn't have class kea? What class are you talking about?

*After all I think I might not need language advisor who spell 'bicchy' instead of 'bitchy'.

If that is a criticism in a good way, I'll take that. I'll bear that.
If that the attempt to drown me down. You lose. Hear that,, Looser?


sophie said...

Tersngt loser kay!

didiey ;) said...

hahah! do i make fun of myself?

Zulkarnain Azman said...

You can't satisfy everybody. Show them your middle finger and ask them to fuck off...

didiey ;) said...

haha...wooww! Good releaser!