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03 April 2010

TM 10 million ringgit chance baby!

Did you guys know bout this?
Whoever yang rase dea a perfect striker should join this competition yaww!

Yesterday I hang out at The Jusco waiting for my parents pick me up and having awesome Alice too. ( yesterday, come on guys! I only got a chance)

Eventually the TM held this TM 10 million tour in Ipoh . Supporting the England on World Cup.
Dean put his bet on the striking thing. Just buy the iTalk Rm1o card and you got chance to 10 thousand ringgit if you lucky enough on winning state championship. And if you won the final round in KL, you win 10 MILLION RINGGIT BABY! 10 times richher than TOmok! haha ;)

They gave you 2 minutes and stike the ball straight to the goal. Easy huh? Not really.Ask Dean*chuckle*

Come on guys! Try your striking talent!

I got prizes too tahu! The got quiz and as a Devil baby *cough* Its seriously easy to me.
They ask.
"Give us 4 players of Man Utd who ever wear 7?"

Like come on! I die hard fan kot ;p Even I'm the holder of the 7 jersey of the team ;p

I ran and answer and they gave me prizes. iTalk worth Rm 10, TM merchandise( a CD holder) and TM sweets too (??)

And woowww! Looking at the banner. I miss Beckham like soo much now!


Anonymous said...

i beat that kid at least..7-0

didiey ;) said...

yeaa..You did

sophie said...

suke BECKHAM..hye didiey devil!

Anonymous said...

btw.u really true man u fan sayang..

didiey ;) said...

yess..We're Beckham baby ;)

didiey ;) said...

and you pun terjebak syg, Hehe ;D

syue said...

whoaa. best tuu dpt hadiah :) fantaik beckham kn, mesti la boleh jawab kan ;)

didiey ;) said...

haha..sure sure. Go Beckham!

Anonymous said...

tp klu i ta angkat tgn u ta dapat answer kan..hehe...

didiey ;) said...

haha. thankz for your hand by the way