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A nice picnic (just us,escapism)
Another FCUK jeans
Old skool spec,re-do.
Shoes(currently in love with NIKE ballerina)
Forever21 collection(A feminine sense need to be inculcate)
Smartphone (wink*)
Vaio-s Reddy laptop
Digital camera (Ixus, will be nicee)
Simple Mp3.
Hair theraphy ;)

29 April 2010

Calculator, we've made great partnership,

Survey computation.

Ehmm,I'm not sure about this paper. Strictly numbers, and you know stuff like no 'goreng' answers this time. Unlike all the papers before.This time,100% on numbers. My minds was specifically occupied on numbers right now till I can't get any good words to doodle here. But yet, I'd gave my best shot yaw!

Seriously, we'll count on our calculator tomorrow. And please, don't let me down baby calcy.

*Roxa and Aqmal just called an hour back. Suruh balik, Dd tak habis paper lagilahhh!.
Bring me the currypuffs when I get my ass at Ipoh. Promise? I'll take that as leverage.

*On reminding self with formula and get used to hit correct button on Baby Calcy.
Thanks personal Survey Comp tutor.

♥ Buenos suerte, amor ♥


sophie said...

Take an extra good care at ur calcy! they are organizing a "camp THIS IS KITA".. i can't wait for your return!

didiey ;) said...

lupakan konflik. Sumpah ayat tak boleh blah okay!

didiey ;) said...

I'll be there. :D

Anonymous said...

u r welcome my lovely favvy student..