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28 November 2009

Wolves Phenomenon.

Hopping from blog through blogs. Seems like Team Jacob getting bigger with more and more girls who drooling head over heels to him. *sigh*

Okay people. Since too many had join Team Jacob,go go to Jacob Black. Give Edward to me yea?
Ecehceh. Personally, I ain't a big fan of R-Patz but I am addicted and yes I had to admit obsessed with Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. He dazzled me. With the ability of reading minds and icy face and astonishing glance.

Courtesy to my yuyunk. I had finished the Twilight Saga. All four of it. From the review gave by friends and acquaintance, the novel are much more blast compared to the film. And the cast especially Kristen Stewart fails to reveals who is Bella Swan precisely. Kristen is too emotion-less maybe?That's what peeps keep on rumour-ing. But for me, it is normal since if they had to put every single thing in the novel, the film might have to end in 5 hours duration.

Since I don't have my chance yet on watching my Edward on big screen for New Moon, I watched Twilight,again, on my lappy for i-don't-even know-how thousandth times. Watching Edward gave me some kind of awkward feels like -I don't have any particular words to explain those. Then suddenly my little sis, Echah came and bammed me with

"Along,muke dea nie (refers to Edward) macam Abang Anan lah,"

The sharp pang strokes me. Adoii. Why lah she must said that. Silence as death. I spoke nothing. As I observed, yes, they do have similarity. Like very much. The strong fine jaw they had, the way of rolling their eyes, the acts when they were blurred. Exactly the same. Angah and Ibu approved the similarity.

Haish! Historical thing. Shooh! It gives me sort of crash head or something.
I didn't like Edward because I was in love with 'him'. If its not Echah told me I wouldn't realise. And now, seems like I can't get over 'him'.

Fara, copie. Do you agree??


sophie said...

yup!!the jaw!!hahahaha..i tak bape berkenan ngan edward ny..i suke agy dak laki yg pndiam lam family dea tew..kiut!!hahaha..
p/s:i think echah rndu anan..hehe

didiey ;) said...

sophie - I think you referring to Jasper kot. Yup.he's cute.
Dunno.maybe ;p

Anonymous said...

woit pehal ntah
maen rampas2 bf owg!!
jgn r cmnie deq ktowg bawu jew baek!!

didiey ;) said...

haha.Tanya dea lah.Nanti dd text dea tanye sal awak.haha :D