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12 June 2009

happy burfday far yuyunk =)

happy burfday.
here,i'm honoured to wish my bestest,greatest friend in this world.
farah nabilah kamarudin.
happy greatest bufday sayang.

u da tue taw :)

she's was by my side in every single condition.
we laugh together.we cried together.
thanx for being my side all this while sayang..
sayang, i sayang you manyak gilerw-gilerw-gilerw.
p/s: i dun really care if you label us as lesbo.
we love each other kan sayang :)

she's my other half
currently,she's happy with her atook lover.
i'm happy for you sayang
i wanna see you happy every moment,every second,every time this empty heart beats.

sayang,we had been through several couples and break-ups thing.
but we survived.coz we have each other.
thanks for this unbreakable friendship.

last year,i managed to give you that pooh thingy.
this year,sorry ek sayang.
nanti i jumpe you,i bagi you prezen yeah?

let me share you my precious memories with this cutie-baby of mine
*take note:mine ok.
muahahaha..giler jahat gelak.

form 4:kitorang ta rapat sangat lagi.
first kenal time choral speaking.hehe :D
just kenal gitu-gitu je.
dorm kami laen-laen.
she was in dorm 2, me was in dorm 4.
start rapat when we joined 'prep pengetua'
p/s: a class which held by our Mr Ahmat(Mr Principle of teknik Lebuh Cator)

then we became closer and closer day by day.
form 5: giler rapat okayh.
even we were in different class
(me was in T1,her was in T2)

every lunch time,one of us mesti tunggu the other one kat Dewan Makan
(cop tempat meyh)

every weekends nite mesti she brought her bantal&blanket tido ngan saye kat my dorm.
imagine how sweet we shared that single bed.
mwa!!i love you yuyunk.

hehe..then budak-budak ostel known us as unseparatable bestfriend.
that becoming worse when i called her 'yuyunk' and she called me 'lalink'
ahaha..goshh!imagine la.kitorang borak cam gituh.

'yunk,jom makan'
'link,arini laok dm ape?"
'yunk,jomla study same'

if yang ta byase tu mesti daring sambil kerut kening.
ahaha.then,da lame-lame,budak-budak pon da byase :)

middle of form 5, i'm out from hostel.
due to some f**king things.

my yuyunk was crying like crazy.
sorry tau yunk.
i have to.

then we always go outing together.
hehe..i pick her out by my bro's scoot.
she was in her batik's uniform.wahahaa..
hilarious okayh.

dea lah peneman saye dating,
peneman saye makan sizzling.
peneman saye nanes.
peneman saye gelak guling-guling.

ta lupe ajar saye belit shawl.huhu.

everything we have been through was the precious moments.

sayang, i na tdo seblah you.rindu gilerw!!
i na you.

happy burfday sayang.i love you mucho mucho.
far yuyunk.

she accompany me while dating :)
+laLink n YuYunk+
after juget-juget on hari senamrobik ;)

TITLEgossip girlsfeaturingbestfriendserena van der woodsen  waldorf))
see our same shirt.:)

my shawl teacher :)


fara said...

dear yuyunk!!
tengat memori kte berdua..
we hv fun a lotsssss dear..
hehehehehe :)
imissyou like crazee here dear..
uhuhuhu :((
jum la date.. heee :)
then tdow kat kateyl u together
i always be at ur side no matter what syg
thanks fer being my super duper unbreakable lesbo lalink ever!!!
love u so much!

didiey ;) said...

love you too yuyunk =)

sophie said...

sngatt sweettt..
lykE l0vers laa..

didiey ;) said...

sayang..i'm your lover too :)