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02 May 2009

last nyte.

last nyte saye tido pkol 4 pagi.
tu la
akibat nescafe.
kunun na stay up.
tahan mate na study.
tp last2,

:puyeng: Pictures, Images and Photos

pening gilakkk!
saye pon ta sho adekah sbb over-caffeine
or calculus
(ta dpt dinafikan peningnyerr;P)


da 2-3 ary nie.
panassss gilak!!
tu yg ta buley tdo tu.

kipas angin Pictures, Images and Photos

esok exam calculus. adeh!! doakan saye lulus yerp.
:ayo: Pictures, Images and Photos

(menjerit kat diri sendiri.haha ;P)


azzaliena suziantie said...

luck2 :))

ah bu said...

study smart.
jgn study hard ;)

xpn. TAWAKAL. hihi