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Smartphone (wink*)
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30 May 2009

from EGYPT

waaahh..tajok tanak kalah.
this tag comin' from my baru-kenal friend.
bella .currently she's stdying at Egypt.
and whut make me soo semangat na jawab tag ini adalah :
macamla korang ta tawu dak didiey ni memang kuat makan ok.

1. Please upload pictures of your favourite foods (donuts,noodles,ice-creams,dishes & etc):

Justify Full

sizzling mee and assam laksa.


*salivating ryte now

actually i have too-many-to-list favourite food.

but now i craving some of these two.

2. Why do you like to eat it so much?



thats all ;D

3.Who tagged you with this tag? Describe briefly about him/her.

bella.knowing her from myspace then come to this bloggy-thingy.

currently studying at Egypt.

amek medical.huwarghh..she'll be my personal doc with azza.


4. Can you cook? (YES or NO)

honestly yes :)

5. If you answered YES to question 4, give a name of one of your friends whom you wanted to cook for, state what do you want to cook for him/her and why do you want to cook for him/her. If you answered NO to question 4, give a name of one of your friends whom you wanted to treat to a lunch or a dinner, state what food do you want to treat him/her and why do you want to treat him/her.

a name??

tamo.tamo.mahu bagi dua name.

fara and copie.

due-due makhluk nie mesti makan ape saje saye masak.

hehehe :D

both of them sukee my chocolate cake.i'll make one for them :)

6. Tag another 8 bloggers and state the reason why do you want to tag them:

i don't have any idea :)


B E L L A said...

Im impressed. :)
ak kalau xdtg mesir ney,
jgn harap ar nak masuk dapur.

didiey ;) said...

heee..aku pon terrrpakse ok??:)