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28 March 2009

dear miss 'kunun-kunun hot and so-in-fashion'

So whut if I did not wear make up?
If I wore my loward jeans and only my converse and adidas?
Do I harmed u with that ha?
I am me.okayh!??.
It’s not my fault if your ex is having a crush on me.
I’m not distracted by that.
Furthermore he’s juz one of your hundreds ex’s in this university.

(u yang cakap ;O )
Are you still loving him?
I thought u keyco whole college kate u the one who dumb him.
U da dapat yang more gorgeous kan?
That’s the words coming from your longkang mouth!
U still in love with the guy that u dumped?ouh pathetic! ;((
And now when your ex wanna know me, u na mgamok?
Ouh hello miss ‘kunun-kunun hot’..i don’t have an interest with your ex tuwh..

Dear miss ‘kunun-kunun hot’,
U na kutok I pon,takya la kutok kat rumet u tuwh..
Rumet u tuwh kamcing ngan i.
Cari la orang yang same ngn u..yang annoying cam u na kutuk i..
Mcm yang u cakap,

“dd tu da la out-of-fashion..pegi claz pakai jerseys,tee burok..dea ingat hot ke pakai adidas,converse dea tuwh..sweater rainbow dea melambak kat BB I buleh dapat..u tgok..langsong ta mekap..mane na chantek..dea ingat dea sporty habes?.erghh..busan tgok dea ngn tee’s,jersey and kemeja dea yesterday..ngan jeans men-cut dea..eeyuu”

Yela miss..u la yg hot.u la yang cantek bermekap.u la yg so in fashion.

miss ‘kunun-kunun hot.kunun-kunun in fashion.’

I simply don’t care ngan ape u ckp.actually I’m being least I have my own personality,my own style..
I tade personal disorder..and I ta payah susha2 ati na jage the way I look..i kan da mmg ugly,ta chantek…wtpe I shusha2 abes duet beli mekap..beli outfit yang hot kan? Kan?

Tapi kan miss ‘kunun-kunun hot and so in-fashion’..

I heppy ngn diri I yang ugly.out-of-fashion.and membusankan nieh..
At least I’ve been loved by my friends and family..
I enjoying my life.
I wat ape I na wat pape pon..
I’m free..coz I’m being myself.
I ta hypocrite.hiding on those make up thing..on those stylish outfit..
Kalo u suke mekap.u mekap la..kalo u suke fashion,u berfashion la..
U na kutok I,kutok la..

(but pliz make sho jgn kutok I kat rumet u..karang sampai kat telinga I balek..hahaha ;))

Miss ‘kunun-kunun hot n so in fashion’..
Everybody have their own style and personality which make them unique in their own way.
So mulot u tu janganla na longkang sangat dok kutok2 orang..berdosa owh..ta bek..

And I betol2 pity kat u..
U na balek ke kat ex u yang ‘kunun2 u dump dea tu’? ?
Nanti I cakap kat dea eyh?
Sian u..

with love,
from didiey yang ta chantek.ta hot.ta stylish cam YOU!


lya said...

uh gosh !
entah2 dia jeles dgn dd kot
sbb dd x yah make up pun still nampak chantek
dia mekap tebal2 ntah bp inci baru la nampak cantek !

azzaliena suziantie said...

oit ape gado gado nih?

azzaliena suziantie said...

hoho..napa ni

didiey <3 said...

to sis iya : hahaha..
to azza :ta gado la dear..
ade orang terkantoi kutuk i..

cheexa said...

benarkah didiey tak cantik dan sebagainya?

genial said...

blogwalking here with this lovely smile to you :)
have a gorgeous weekend :)